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Customer-facing operations

24/7 Customer service

With chatbots operating 24/7, customers can get assistance at any time it is needed. Improved customer service means happier customers, which means more new and returning customers. Chatbots can provide insurance quotes, as well as be programmed to upsell and cross-sell customized services.

Sentiment analysis

Chatbots can capture a customer’s tone and analyze their sentiment. If the tone is angry, the chatbot can route the call to a real person and provide that company rep with as much information about the customer as possible, including, potentially, a reason for their call.

Onboard customers

Chatbots can be used to onboard customer quickly and efficiently. Chatbots can play a pivotal customer acquisition role by “conversing” with potential customers while they are visiting a landing page, signing up for a loyalty program, or geting a quote. Chatbots can pre-populate fields on a landing page or an application form, thereby reducing the customer’s wait time and alleviating some of the worst parts of the sign-up process — the paperwork. Customer service like this will be recognized and rewarded.

Fraud Detection

Security is imperative when transferring money and financial assets online. By querying a current user, a chatbot can detect fraud by evaluating a user’s response, potentially detecting suspicious activity.

Personnel information

Chatbots can assist by keeping track of company personnel. An updated roster showing personnel currently working in the office or out in field, on standby, on vacation, on sick leave, or just taking a day off can be changed instantly and this information can be immediately disseminated to all parties uniquely involved or an entire roster, all automatically. Responses can also instantly be routed to wherever they need to go.


Chatbots can return pre-programmed answers to a company’s frequently asked questions (FAQs), such as location, types of service, rates, refunds, events, and more.

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