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Every healthcare chatbot should aim to ease the burden on medical professionals, while increasing communication between patients and their doctors, nurse, or therapists.

Customer-facing operations

24/7 Customer service

With chatbots operating 24/7, customers can get assistance aany time they need it. Improved customer service means happier customers, which means more new and returning customers. Chatbots can provide stock information as well as be programmed to upsell and cross-sell to customers.

Reduce no-shows

Health chatbots can be used to address a patient’s specific healthcare needs. No shows can be a big problem. Sometimes patients don’t actually show up for their procedures so chatbots can communicate with the patiens about upcoming appointments or even alleviate any fears or reservations a patient might have about an upcoming procedure.

• An A.I.-based personalized chatbot can encourage patients by addressing misunderstandings and any troubling concerns a patient might have about an exam or a procedure.

• Chatbots can deliver helpful and comforting information in a responsive and conversational way through a social app, in an email, or even via a text.

• Doctors and researchers can also monitor patient satisfaction, cancellations, no-shows, as well as see successfully completed exams by with the aim of a chatbot app.

It only took a short while for consumers to trust taking money out of ATMs after Citibank successfuly introduced them in 1977. Today, 99% of bank cash withdrawals probably occur at ATMs, with few people choosing to deal with the hassle of waiting in line and dealing with a teller. So it will be with chatbots.

Diagnose Health

A health chatbot can be the first line of contact between a doctor and a patient. NLP algorithms built into a chatbot can analyze and answer general health questions. Patients shouldn’t be reaching out to their physicians or nurses with every health questions under the sun. Instead chatbots can disseminate information general questions to help diagnose minor but common problems.

Patients won’t always reach out to their physician or nurse with simple and most basic health questions but they will turn to chatbots instead. If the health chatbot cannot answer the question properly, it can be programmed to transfer the case to a real-life doctor, in real-time.

Stay Healthy

The OneRemission app tries to ease the life of those fighting cancer, by giving them important lifestyle, diet, exercise, and best post-cancer practices to live a healthy life, all curated by experts in the field. It’s information cancer patients need, delivered the best way possible. The chabot functionality allows both cancer patients and survivors to learn about the cancer-related risks and benefits of a certain food type. Should users require a specialist, OneRemission has doctors and consultants available 24/7.

Symptom checker

A chatbot can help users check up on symptoms that might be ailing them. An A.I.-based library of symptoms and healthcare suggestions can provide users with information about typical diseases and their required treatments.

Monitoring mental health

Chatbots can monitor and improve a patient’s emotional health with quick personalized conversations that utilize standard psychological interview and recommendation techniques. To further help one improve a patient’s emotional health, a chatbot can track mood and monitor the patient’s emotional health. As a patient interacts with it, the chatbot learns more about the patient’s unique health issues, then tweaks the experience to best fit the patient’s health needs.

With each passing day, chatbots are acting in more and more human-like ways. They are now even moving into the domain of humans – empathy and feelings. Feeling lonely, just download and chat with Replika, an A.I. friend who won’t judge you when you divulge your deepest and darkest secrets to it. Or talk to Woebot, a suite of clinically-validated therapy programs that address many of today’s mental health issues through its chatbot. Woebot can help with generalized anxiety and depression, or postpartum depression, adult and adolescent depression, and even substance abuse.

Provide drug use and drug safety information

Chabots can provide assistant-like support to doctors, nurses, and other health profesionals who need appropriate data about the administration and use of drugs for a whole host of ailments and procedures. The chatbot can also provide information about active ingredients present in any prescribed medication, the potential side effects, as well as the risks associated with administering two medications together. The chatbot can also provide alternative medications.

Chatbots can be the avenue for patients to get an A.I. consultation based on his of her prior medical history. If the patient wants a consultation with a real doctor, the chatbot can easily send him or her through to an on-call doctor.

Digital nurse

A chatbot can be a digital nurse, reminding patients it’s time to take their medication, or check up on an available test result, or speak to their doctors, which might be a particularly good feature with older patients. Just type the name of the medicine in the chat box, the number of times a day you must take it and at what time it should be administered, then the chatbot will send you a message every time a pill needs to be taken. Body weight, mood, or prescription refill times can be tracked to ensure the efficacy of the medication. The chatbot can even find the nearest pharmacy or doctor’s office, if needed. refills are needed. Chatbots are becoming great — and lifesaving — healthcare companions.


Chatbots can return pre-programmed answers to a company’s frequently asked questions (FAQs), such as location, types of service, rates, refunds, destinations served, delivery terms, and more.

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