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Why enterprise choose Aibotify

Get your Voice commands on our Interactive VoiceBOT platforms for Seamless Customer Support Journeys

Configure Multi-lingual Chatbot with over 55+ Language options Including regional languages. switch languages dynamically

Cognitive AI Maintains context in complex conversations.

Enable payments inside Chatbot. Configurable with Multiple Payment Gateway supported.

Seamlessly Switch to a human agent from a Chatbot or Voicebot.


Enable your Business with Lightening AI Solutions

Natural Language Processing

Using our NLP engine understand the user’s intent and send pre-defined answers to users in human language.

Multi-lingual Support

Converse in the language most suitable to your audience. Choose from a range of languages available.

Self Learning AI

NLP modules auto-learns from unlabelled voice data and user queries and adds to the AI knowledge base.


Mark your presence on website, search and social with the omnipresent feature. Be where your consumers are.

Conversation UI

A UI that the user is familiar with and guarantees ease of communication and effective delivery of the message.


Self-learns from user-agent chat. Bot admin can do supervised learning to continuously improve bot performance.

About Us

Helping Businesses engage more effectively with their customers. Aibotify is a AI driven conversational bot building platform to create tailor made chatbots for Lead generation, Live chat support, Interactive Landing Pages, Surveys, Enquiries, Appointments, Feedback and Suggestions for your business.

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